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The Beginning of Love Like Lamb

Why Love Like Lamb? Here’s why…

I’m going to be vulnerable with you. I’m generally an outgoing person. I love to talk to people. I say hi to everyone at the grocery store and on the hiking trail. Ask my husband, he doesn’t understand it. But I enjoy meeting people, hearing a blip of their life story, and hopefully leave them with some good, focused energy. Rejection or criticism in the real life moment in the form of someone not wanting to talk to me or whatever the case may be, I can handle. Maybe I’ll beat myself up internally for a bit but I get over it. At least it’s just an “audience” of one in that case and the embarrassment is limited to just that. Putting my energy out into the social space is waaaay different. I’ve always said I’m my own biggest critic (more on that later) so having this desire to produce content that could light up someone’s day or help them or just make them laugh, seems doable on the surface to me because I’m a self proclaimed perfectionist. I tell myself I won’t put anything out into the world unless it’s 100%. (Not true by the way.)

Okay so here we are. I want to put myself out there. Help other women with career situations, household struggles, overwhelmedness, negative self talk but yet I’m scared to create something for fear that I won’t think it’s amazing. HYPOCRITE? Okay but I’m a fixer. A problem solver. I can come up with an action plan like you wouldn’t believe. No more hypocrite.

So here’s my action plan for overcoming my fears of putting myself out into the world and creating a community for women with similar struggles, goals, fears, dreams, and lives.

  1. Develop a space where I can grow in my comfort with expressing myself digitally with video, blogging, life hacks, product recommendations, quotes, cute kid videos, etc.

  2. Create a faction of badass women who want more. More clarity, more calm, more self care. Feed off of each other. Have conversations about what’s working and what’s not. Establish patterns. Bring self awareness around certain topics.

  3. Try to heal some of our wounds.

  4. Laugh…because it’s the best freaking medicine. Period.

Essentially I want this to mirror my group chat with my sisters. (No pressure there, eh?) We text daily. Life updates, how are you feeling?, what are you worried about?, can you believe what so and so did?, funny meme, what do you think about this?, let’s plan a trip here, I’m thinking about taking this new job…what do you think?, cute kid picture, girl spitting her drink out gif. We are cheerleaders for each other but can also have tough conversations. We obviously come from similar backgrounds but our experiences are slightly different because of birth order, age gap, life situation, etc. It’s a glorious space that I very much desire to be in. I look forward to the notifications for the group message. They can turn a sour day around in minutes and I know they always have my back.

I want to take that group chat to the next level. Group chat mic drop. Let’s broaden our circle of influence. Filter down the abundance of content to what we need right now. Rawness, joy, direction, purpose, self discovery, self healing, humor, things that just make life easier, things that make you think. A jumping off point for your future. Or a stepping stone. Or whatever metaphor you want to throw in there. It’s not for everyone. That’s okay. But it’s for me and it’s probably for you if you’re still reading. Let’s see where this takes us.

Fun. Real. Life. Hard. Family. Work. Health.

Love. Love. Love.

Love Like Lamb.

Me (center) and my sisters!

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